Many times I was wondering about starting a blog, but still I wasn’t sure if I’d find an inspiration for writing, how will I find time to write more than one post a year and last but not least will I have ANY ideas for posts at all. I thought that the whole blog-idea thing is doomed but then I just sat down and started thinking about titles of posts I would write if I only had a blog.

I was really surprised. In about 10 minutes I had over 10 topics on the list. Then I realised that the devil’s not so black as he is painted and the best way to dispel all my doubts mentioned above is to really start a blog. And here it is.

On this blog I plan to mainly explain my point of view on developer’s work but I think that once in a while I may write something outside the IT (everyone knows that plans like to fail that is why I just pray not to end up with politic posts ;D). Nevertheless, I hope that any subject I’ll bring up will be found interesting for someone because I guess, in a blog, readers are the most important.

I wish you a pleasant reading, stay tuned for my next entries (that I believe will soon come).


P.S. If you prefer pictures than text you can check out my gallery too.

P.S.2 Sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my mother tongue and my wife isn’t always at hand to help me correct them.

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